DTP Club is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zorrion Energy Trust.  Zorrion Energy Trust is a private, limited partnership trust registered offshore. Zorrion Energy Trust is a virtual, decentralized entity with no headquarters or primary manufacturing location.

The Club is designed to promote the development, manufacturing and distribution of disruptive technology products using a private, semi-autonomous network of manufacturers and distributors located all over the world. The concept is to distribute manufacturing of disruptive energy products that threaten existing entrenched interests all over the world so that there is no centralized manufacturing plant that government authorities can raid, shut down or tax.
An independent company in a high tax jurisdiction would face high risks in operating a manufacturing facility for disruptive technology products. However, a member of DTP Club is just one of multiple manufacturers diversified over many countries and jurisdictions. The risk is shared equally and, in time, the Club may help individual members with financing, legal, marketing, distribution of products and insurance.

The Club intends to require the highest quality standards across all manufacturers so that a member/manufacturer can proudly display the DTP Quality Seal on the products they manufacture.

Both income and payouts are in a designated secure, anonymous cryptocurrency. DTP Ltd is a sovereign organization, defined as a Private Trust in which members are Limited Partners.  The charter of The Trust specifically precludes the paying of taxes on revenues to any government or country in which sales are made. Taxation is theft. The trust is located in a tax-exempt jurisdiction. 

Therefore, earnings of the limited partners accrue in cryptocurrency and are re-invested in research and development of new products, marketing and sales, acquisitions of hard assets, technologies, patents and related businesses. An agreed upon portion of net profits are disbursed among the Members according to the number of Membership Units owned.  All Partners may withdraw their share of profits quarterly or annually and shall be paid in a cryptocurrency agreed upon by the Board of Directors.  DTP is an anacronym for disruptive technology products however, that name is never divulged in public advertising, press releases or in communication with prospective clients. However, it is fine to use the phrase when speaking one-to-one with prospects.
DTP does not sell stock nor issue securities construing ownership interest in the club.
DTP does, from time to time, accept new members who may purchase a distributorship for various products/inventions and technologies by purchasing at least on demo product of each product the Member desires to sell.  Members may manufacture the product(s) they have purchased by using an approved manufacturer. Members are permitted to manufacture products where the Club owns the manufacturing rights and patents for the product.
For products where patents and manufacturing rights are not available, the Club will aggregate purchases of those products from the manufacturer and pass along the savings to all Club Members. A Club royalty/service fee will be added to the wholesale cost of those products.
Membership may be purchased using a designated cryptocurrency (to be determined) or membership may be granted in exchange for the exclusive rights to proprietary technology owned by the prospective new member. Both patented and non-patented inventions and designs may be acceptable.  Membership may not be purchased using the fiat currency of any country however, DTP may make an exception if a member offers gold, silver or other hard value asset like farm land.
WAIVER: For the first 1000 members the Club will accept U.S. dollars.
Members may purchase multiple product sales rights covering from a single product on up to multiple products.  Product distribution and sales licenses are valued in terms of units of membership so that the license to manufacture and/or sell the foundation product will be valued at one membership unit. The license to manufacture a package of related products may be valued and sold for multiple membership units that reflect the retail value of the products.
Higher value products like a 1 megawatt hydrogen fueled steam power generation plant will require the purchase of the product to get wholesale pricing. So, a large power plant may cost $500,000, for example, and distribution and sales license is restricted to those members who also purchase the power plant at wholesale. That said, members may refer qualified principal buyers to the Club to earn 5% sales commission.
This policy does two things:
  1. Prevents financially unqualified members from tying up distribution rights to products they are incapable of supporting. 
  2. Prevents the use of memberships as financial instruments or as a security with which to speculate on the value of the distribution license without actually engaging in distribution. 
Members shall have the right to purchase any of the products offered by any of the members of DTP at the lowest price available since the value of membership is in aggregating sales to get volume discounts from the manufacturers. However, in all such cases, purchases of products shall be paid for with the designated (approved) cryptocurrency.

Members who contribute valuable technology in return for membership units may earn royalties on actual sales of their products by licensed members.  Member/Licensees shall pay 5% royalties on product sales except in the case where the member/licensee also invented and contributed the product to DTP Club.  Members may buy and sell their membership units to other members via a secure trade exchange operated by DTP. However, no member may sell memberships to the public as this is a private club and membership is by private invitation only. A member may recommend a new member to the Board of Directors and, if approved and if they subsequently join the Club the referring member shall earn a finder’s fee. No member shall engage in any advertising other than to sell actual products that they are licensed to sell. 

Members may attend Club meetings at a private estate in New Zealand twice a year. Members will have the opportunity to vote on the direction the Club should be taking. Members will have the opportunity to meet other members and to exchange ideas and even to collaborate on new technology.

The DTP estate is a luxurious rural property that affords members the opportunity to relax on vacation in New Zealand, if desired. Unfortunately, the estate doesn’t have sufficient space to provide accommodation to members but we will work with you to line up local accommodations.

However, the first six new Charter Members to purchase 50 membership units will be entitled to stay at the luxurious estate during biannual meetings.
Members will be kept abreast of new, disruptive technologies, investment opportunities and the anarcho-capitalist/volunteerism freedom movement. DTP Club will issue encrypted updates via secure, encrypted email. Members who attend the biannual meetings will hear presentations at the Estate by the most knowledgeable people on the planet on topics of interest. We foresee bringing in speakers to talk about emerging technologies, health, manufacturing, investing and freedom/anarcho-capitalism.
To begin with, the Club intends to offer Membership Units @ $5000 each. The Club reserves the right to increase the price of memberships at any time and to limit the total number of membership units available after the initial private offering. Anybody can purchase up to 50 membership units to be used as credits to purchase distribution rights to new products as they become available. Each membership unit includes one voting authorization so that a member with 50 Membership units has 50 votes.

Bonus For First 1000 Members Who Purchase of any of our initial products:
  • Hydrogen Hydrotherapy Spa. Sales Price (fill out inquiry form) 
  • Solar/Hydrogen Fueled Off-Grid 10 kw Steam power plant. Sales Price (fill out inquiry form). 
  • Solar/Hydrogen Fueled Off-Grid 40 kw Steam power plant. Sales Price (fill out inquiry form)

OK, here’s the offer: No money down lease. You own the unit free and clear at the end of the completed lease contract. 

Unfortunately, we can only guarantee this offer for the first 1000 buyers. We are happy to provide you with all the paperwork and you can have it reviewed by an attorney.  And, just to clarify, this offer applies to any single product purchase, or two or all three products giving you the ability to become our distributor with NO UP FRONT OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE.

Note: This unique and unprecedented offer is going out to 90,000 free energy subscribers, entrepreneurs. The Club may promote this offer to a further 500,000 alternative health subscribers in the event any Membership units remain unsold.  

Termination of Membership: A member may sell their membership units to another member only as no public membership sales are allowed. The price of the membership units will be determined by supply and demand on the DTP trade exchange. 

Each membership unit entitles the owner to a share of the Club’s net revenue such that a Member holding 50 membership units is entitled to 50 shares of the profit compared to a member holding just one share.

Any member that sells all their membership units is no longer a member and loses all benefits and interests in the DTP Club. If, subsequent to selling all their membership units, a former member desired to re-instate their membership the former member would be required to pay the current price per membership unit. If the Club had subsequently restricted the sale of new memberships then the former member would not be permitted to re- join.

If the restriction on Club memberships was lifted, however, the former member would have priority to join over new prospects (assuming he left in good standing).
A basic, single unit lifetime membership in DTP Club costs $5000 and we intend to limit memberships to no more than 5000 units. So, if we are fully subscribed we may have a maximum of 5000 members. However, if some members purchase multiple membership units then naturally, the Club would have fewer individual members.
Initially, all new subscriber/members will be restricted to purchasing no more than 50 Membership units. The Club has set a minimum launch target of 500 membership unit sales before activating the Club. If this nominal figure is not achieved within 120 days, all membership fees collected shall be returned. Products will NOT be shipped until The Club achieves a minimum of 500 Membership sales. Club members are encouraged to personally refer qualified prospects in return for a 5% commission.  
A member who purchases the maximum of 50 membership units would expect to pay $250,000 however, during the launch window any member who purchases 50 units will pay $225,000, a substantial 10% savings. In addition, as a rare bonus, the first six new Charter Members to purchase 50 membership units will be entitled to stay at the luxurious estate during all future biannual meetings.

Note: Members who finance the purchase of 50 membership units (home equity loan is acceptable) can take advantage of our limited zero payments offer. You will receive all the benefits but never have to make a single payment for the duration of the loan (10 - 20 years or longer is recommended).
Initial Product Launch
DTP Club is launching with an incredible “breakthrough-disruptive technology” product,
The Synergy-HHO Healing Hydrotherapy Water System .
  • This versatile HHO generator can produce off-grid clean fuel that is sufficient to power a boiler to run a 10 kw steam power plant. (Boiler and 10kw steam powerplant are extra @ (fill out inquiry form for details). 
  • The Synergy-HHO can also be used as a whole house hydrogen enriched water system. 
  • The unit produces clean HHO for hydrogen enriched drinking water, showers, baths, swimming pools, hot tubs and jacuzzi. 
  • The unit can be used to produce clean HHO for direct application to the body to dissolve pain and promote rapid healing. Download free report.
  • The Synergy-HHO generator can produce HHO enriched structured water for hydroponic greenhouses. Multiple units can be set up to treat irrigation water for cannabis or hemp farming, for example. Needless to say, this is an immense and rapidly expanding market. 
When the minimum 500 membership units have been sold DTP Club will launch its second product, the off-grid 15 horsepower -10kw steam engine with boiler, condenser/heat exchanger for home heating and power using clean HHO fuel.

Expect a minimum of 90 days following the completion of sales of the initial 500 membership units before the steam engine gensets are available. Naturally, DTP Club Members will have priority over the public to buy these powerplants. Those members who own the most membership units will have first “dibs” on the new steam gensets.

Reminder: As soon as all membership units have been sold out all members that purchase the 10 kw steam power plant will receive the distribution rights to sell the Synergy-HHO Steam Power system. Demand is expected to exceed supply!
Please Note: Members who purchase extra membership units can use them as credits towards the purchase of any of our emerging products including the HHO fueled steam power plants with the 4 cylinder steam engine, above.
Nobody can predict the future with 100% accuracy. That said, it is the intention of DTP Club to increase the price of memberships substantially sometime within the first two years. As a Charter Member you can take advantage of the low initial cost of a lifetime membership.
For a limited time we will accept credit cards, bank wire transfers, or cash. We also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum,  Bitcoin Cash as well as physical gold and silver. Click the link, below and fill out the inquiry form for complete details. Once you are registered we will send you the link to download our free report on cryptocurrencies and emerging disruptive technologies.
Or, call 207-837-9869 to speak with a Club representative.